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Table 1 Characteristics of participating hospitals

From: Improving obstetric care in low-resource settings: implementation of facility-based maternal death reviews in five pilot hospitals in Senegal

Characteristics Hospital A Hospital B Hospital C Hospital D Hospital E
tertiary level
District Regional Regional Regional
Localization in Dakar (capital city) Yes Yes No No No
No. of maternity beds 120 66 54 86 33
No. of doctors covering maternity 7 2 1 3 1
No. of midwives 41 21 9 9 5
No. of deliveries (2004) 6345 7426 2959 4378 648
Availability of basic servicesa Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Availability of basic emergency obstetric servicesb Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Availability of caesarean sectionsc Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Availability of safe bloodc No No No No No
Availability of adult intensive care unit Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Number of maternal deaths (2004)d 53 44 31 60 37
Overall rate of maternal lethality/1000e 8.3 5.9 10.5 13.7 57.1
  1. a Reliable water supply, sanitation facilities, electricity, generator, refrigerator, telephone
  2. bParenteral antibiotics, parenteral oxytocic drugs, parenteral anticonvulsants for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia, manual removal of placenta, removal of retained products (e.g. vacuum aspiration), assisted vaginal delivery (e.g. vacuum extraction, forceps)
  3. c caesarean section and transfusion can be done in the service 364 days/365, 24 h/24
  4. dSource of information: registers of deliveries in the maternity units for year 2004
  5. eNumber of maternal deaths among women giving birth in the facility during the same period