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Table 4 Identified facilitators to the implementation of maternal death reviews

From: Improving obstetric care in low-resource settings: implementation of facility-based maternal death reviews in five pilot hospitals in Senegal

Factors influencing the identification of maternal death cases:
• Daily identification of cases
• Consulting many sources of data (hospital registers)
• Computerizing hospital registers
Factors influencing the data collection:
• High level of professional qualifications or experience of the data collector*
• Incentives for the data collector
• Quality of the collector's training
• Interviewing the family members briefly before the exposure of the body
Factors influencing the audit meetings:
• Involved head of department, acting as a moderator during the meeting*
• When possible, information from the community
• Short delay between the death and the audit meeting
• Multidisciplinary meetings
Factors influencing the use of the findings:
• Feedback to the managers and all the staff of the maternity unit
• Involvement of the hospital officials
• Involvement of the community representatives
  1. *Facilitators most frequently mentioned by the interviewed personnel