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Table 1 List of skills taught, with length of time and materials used for the surgical skills training course

From: Addressing gaps in surgical skills training by means of low-cost simulation at Muhimbili University in Tanzania

Surgical skills Objectives Time in curriculum Models used
Scrubbing, gowning & gloving (OSCE) To demonstrate proper techniques for surgical scrubbing and donning of surgical gowns and gloves while maintaining sterile field 55 minutes Cloth theatre gowns, plastic gloves
Patient preparation To demonstrate proper technique for patient skin sterilization to prepare field prior to surgery 55 minutes Wood bench draped with plastic with abdominal landmarks (Figure 2)
Surgical knot tying (OSCE) To demonstrate proper knot tying techniques and their indications 110 minutes Ethicon knot tying models (Figure 3)
Venous cutdown (OSCE) To learn indications for venous cutdown; identify the anatomical location of long saphenous vein; perform a venesection using simulated leg 55 minutes Plastic tube placed on arm stabilizer covered with foam & vinyl
Adult intubation (OSCE) To demonstrate technique for adult intubation: visualize laryngeal cords, insert endotracheal tube and properly ventilate using an ambu bag 55 minutes Adult intubation mannequin ("Airway Larry")
Chest tube insertion To state the indications for chest tube insertion and demonstrate the technique for chest tube insertion 55 minutes Teaching skeleton rib cage draped with foam & vinyl (Figure 4)
Laparotomy (OSCE) To open anterior abdominal wall using midline incision and close abdomen in layers using mattress sutures 55 minutes Wood frame with foam, clear & colored vinyl (Figure 5)
Small bowel repair To understand the principles of bowel repair and perform repair of perforated bowel 55 minutes Inner tubes from bicycle tires (Figure 6)
Vacuum-assisted vaginal delivery To know the indications for vacuum-assisted delivery; demonstrate positioning of suction cup and proper guidance of the delivery 55 minutes Obstetrical mannequin