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Table 1 Factors influencing migrant nurse decisions to stay or leave Ireland (adapted from Padarath, 2004 [28])

From: "I won't be staying here for long": a qualitative study on the retention of migrant nurses in Ireland

(within the health system)
(outside the health system)
(from Ireland)
De-skilling (brain waste) • Uncertain residency/citizenship entitlements (especially for children)
• No family reunification rights for extended family (children over 18, parents)
• No entitlement to subsidized third-level education for children
• No protection for the integrity of the family unit
(to Canada/USA/Australia)
• Relocation bonuses
• Opportunity to specialize and/or use one's specialty
• Opportunity to advance career
• Clearer whole-family residency and citizenship entitlements
• Opportunity for family reunification
• Integrity of family unit protected
(in Ireland)
• Job security (permanence)
• Salary enabling remittances
• Maternity leave entitlements
• Equality
• Desire to be settled
• Avoid further disruption (for children)
• Feel safe
• Equality