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Table 5 Working status at follow-up per reason not to take (full) early retirement as reported at baseline

From: Challenges at work and financial rewards to stimulate longer workforce participation

Themes Motivating factors
Challenges at work - Work climate is important
- Being needed, feel oneself useful
- Commitment to work and company
- Work should be challenging and give satisfaction
- Deliver a quality product
Social contacts - Social contacts
- Socially active
Reward and appreciation - Financial compensation or reward at the sort term
- Appreciation for the work done (by giving compliments)
Health - Prevention of work strain (physically and mentally)
- Healthy lifestyle
- Optimal balance between work load and capacity
Competencies and skills - Moving possibilities within company (horizontal and vertical)
- Variation in tasks
- Career support
- Education and training
- Coaching role for older worker
- Retraining, occupational resettlement