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Table 2 Descriptive measures for the trainee-only sociometric network (25-member network)

From: Network-based social capital and capacity-building programs: an example from Ethiopia

Measure Pre-MHA Year 1
Network-level measures   
Density (proportion of potential ties that were actually realized) 0.04 0.13
Isolates (members of the network not connected to anyone else) 7 0
Components (distinct and isolated subgroups in the network) 2 0
Individual-level measures   
Degree (all connections reported to/from the respondent) Mean: 1.92 Mean: 4.88
  SD: 1.79 SD: 4.42
Trainee out-degree (number of connections reported by respondent regarding others) Mean: 1.04 Mean:3.00
  SD: 1.43 SD: 4.62
Trainee in-degree (number of connections reported regarding respondent by others) Mean: 1.04 Mean: 3.00
  SD: 1.25 SD: 1.67