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Table 2 Elements of tutors' pre-service training reported by 74 midwifery tutors in Ghana, 2007

From: Midwifery tutors' capacity and willingness to teach contraception, post-abortion care, and legal pregnancy termination in Ghana

Categories %
Gestational dating  
Last menstrual period 90.5
Bimanual exam 52.7
Ultrasound 18.9
Short-term methods 91.9
Intrauterine device insertion (IUCD) 77.0
Tubal ligation 48.6
Abortion counselling 52.7
Post abortion counselling 59.5
Uterine evacuation  
D&C 36.5
MVA 23.0
Medication abortion 27.0
Infection prevention 91.9
Management of incomplete abortion 77.0
Referral of abortion complications 68.9
Community to prevent unsafe abortion 51.4
Pain management for uterine evacuation 48.6
Confirming completeness of an abortion 48.6
MVA instrument facts and features 27.0
Monitoring quality of abortion services 17.6
Ghanaian Abortion laws & GHS policies 25.7