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Table 2 Classifying health workers: main categories of human resources for maternal, newborn and child health in the International Standard Classification of Occupations (2008 revision)

From: Human resources for maternal, newborn and child health: from measurement and planning to performance for improved health outcomes

Occupational title ISCO code* Definition
Health services managers 1342 Plan, direct, coordinate and evaluate the provision of clinical and community health care services, e.g. health facility administrator, clinical director, community health care coordinator
Generalist medical doctors 2211 Study, diagnose, treat and prevent illness, disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments and maintain general health in humans through application of the principles and procedures of modern medicine, e.g. general practitioner, family medical practitioner, primary care physician
Specialist medical doctors 2212 Study, diagnose, treat and prevent illness, disease, injury and other physical and mental impairments using specialized testing, diagnostic, medical, surgical, physical and psychiatric techniques, e.g. obstetrician, gynaecologist, paediatrician
Nursing professionals 2221 Plan, manage, provide and evaluate nursing care services, e.g. clinical nurse, nurse practitioner, paediatric nurse, public health nurse
Midwifery professionals 2222 Plan, manage, provide and evaluate midwifery care services
Paramedical practitioners 2240 Provide diagnostic, curative and preventive medical services using advanced clinical procedures, e.g. clinical officer, surgical technician
Nursing associate professionals 3221 Provide basic nursing and personal care and health advice as per established care, treatment and referral plans, e.g. assistant nurse, enrolled nurse, practical nurse
Midwifery associate professionals 3222 Provide basic health care and advice before, during and after pregnancy and childbirth, e.g. assistant midwife
Community health workers 3253 Provide basic health education, preventive health care and home visiting services, e.g. community health aide, family health worker
Medical assistants 3256 Perform basic clinical and administrative tasks to support patient care under the direct supervision of a medical practitioner or other health professional
  1. Source: Adapted from International Labour Organization [38].
  2. * Note: Refers to the ISCO-08 code at the most disaggregated four-digit (unit group) level.