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Table 9 Multilevel, multisectoral actions recommended to eliminate workplace violence and discrimination in Rwanda's health sector

From: Workplace violence and gender discrimination in Rwanda's health workforce: Increasing safety and gender equality

By the Ministry of Health By the Ministry of Labor By the Ministry of Gender By the Rwanda Health Workers Union
• Conduct a study on pregnancy discrimination • Disseminate the Labor Law • Train men and women to disclose violence • Document and translate relevant texts into Kinyarwanda
• Develop and enact a health sector policy on workplace violence • Develop a labor sector policy on worker safety and security • Share information about, monitor and evaluate workplace violence • Conduct information, sensitization and training campaign on legal texts
• Develop and enact a program to fight violence in health workplaces • Build the capacity of labor inspectors Recommendations to the Ministry of Health: • Disseminate and enforce ILO standards on maternity protection and workers with family responsibilities
• Develop partnerships with MOH, MOL, MOG, Police, donors. • Diffuse information on labor standards • Train health workers on ethical behavior • Develop a system to manage cases
  • Put in place workplace safety and security policies that address discrimination. • Establish Ethics Committee at health centers • Develop networks with other unions and human rights groups
   • Sensitize and train all health workers on violence and sanctions. • Conduct a study on human rights at health workplaces.