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Table 1 Relevant cadres of non-physician health workers in Mozambique, by training level

From: Perspectives of key stakeholders regarding task shifting of care for HIV patients in Mozambique: a qualitative interview-based study with Ministry of Health leaders, clinicians, and donors

Level Title (Portuguese) Title (English) Training
Superior Médico Physician 6–7 years
Mid-level Técnico de medicina Physician assistant 2.5 years
Enfermeira SMI nível médio MCH nurse (mid-level) 2.5 years
Enfermeira nível médio General nurse (mid-level) 2.5 years
Basic level Agente de medicina Medical assistant 1.5 years
Enfermeira SMI nível básico MCH nurse (basic level) 1.7 years
Enfermeira nível básico General nurse (basic level) 1.5 years
Elementary Agentes polivalentes elementares Community health worker 6 months
n/aa Activistas comunitários Disease- or service-specific community health worker 1–2 weeks
  1. Abbreviations: SMI, saúde maternal e infantil; MCH, maternal and child health.
  2. aInformal cadre.