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Table 1 Process of identification and development of interventions

From: Using theory and formative research to design interventions to improve community health worker motivation, retention and performance in Mozambique and Uganda

Step Process
1 Identify interventions with the potential to improve the motivation, retention and performance of CHWs in Uganda and Mozambique by reviewing theoretical and empirical evidence, consulting with key stakeholders in the field and exploring the political and programmatic operating context
2 Conduct formative research with the key personnel targeted by and tasked with implementation of the proposed interventions to explore their feasibility and acceptability. Use the data generated to reduce the number of possible interventions
3 With the same personnel, explore the barriers and facilitators to CHW motivation, retention and performance and incorporate these lessons into intervention design
4 Design interventions to be implemented in Uganda and Mozambique and their implementation strategies drawing on theoretical and empirical evidence and the formative research data