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Table 2 Competencies of alternative providers for centralized intake

From: Optimizing the interprofessional workforce for centralized intake of patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid disease: case study

Responsibilities Nurse practitioner Registered nurse Licensed practical nurse Physiotherapist Occupational therapist Chiropractor Therapy assistant Athletic therapist Kinesiologist Recreation therapist
MSK assessment X X X X Xa X Xb X X  
Assess medical history X X X X X X     
Screen for co-morbidities X X     X     
Order or apply X-rays and MRIs X    X   X     
Non-surgical treatment plan (i.e. nutrition, lifestyle, exercise) X X X X X X X X X X
Case management X X   X   X     X
Refer to other providers X X   X Xc X     
Administer diagnostic imaging contrast agents X X X   X      
Prescribe medication (Schedule 1 drug) X          
Dispense, compound, provide for selling, or sell a Schedule 1 drug or Schedule 2 drug within the meaning of the Pharmacy and Drug Act X X         
Administer biologic medication           
  1. aOccupational therapists can conduct a functional capacity assessment which is a physical assessment of an individual’s ability to perform work-related activity
  2. bTherapy assistants can assess functional mobility as part of an MSK assessment
  3. cOccupational therapists can recommend appropriate resources or other service providers when the service is requested