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Table 3 Recommendations for advancing the learning agenda on CHW performance

From: Strategic partnering to improve community health worker programming and performance: features of a community-health system integrated approach

Action Actor Recommendation
Comparative analysis Global health community The global health community could facilitate decision-making at country level by reviewing and synthesizing analogous partnership efforts from other countries, disciplines, and sectors – both successes and failures. A short list of applicable insights could contribute to more creative, “out-of-the box” thinking and experimentation to guide planning.
Retrospective analysis Countries Countries that are taking CHW programmes to scale may wish to conduct a retrospective landscape analysis of both successful and unsuccessful partnership experiences that have occurred in different districts and communities in their country. Even though many of these experiences are likely to have occurred in small-scale, NGO-managed projects, there may be important lessons that could be tested at scale. Partnership experiences in sectors other than health, such as agriculture or education, may prove to be a rich source of innovation.
Prospective analysis Countries Countries also should look for opportunities to develop and institutionalize a prospective, continuous learning and problem-solving process that is tailored to the unique history, dynamics and context of the specific programme. Action research can provide real-time data for continuous adjustment and quality improvement, and it can also provide important information about programme processes that can inform subsequent impact evaluations.