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Table 1 Instrument questions and key study concepts and measures

From: Motivations for entering and remaining in volunteer service: findings from a mixed-method survey among HIV caregivers in Zambia

The volunteer process
Motivations to enter service Experiences in service Commitment
I wanted to become a volunteer because/to… List three things that prevent you from carrying out your caregiving work. Do you intend to continue volunteering?
1 = agree or 0 = disagree   1 = yes or 0 = no
Communitarian values I fail to visit my clients because I…  
1 People need a helping hand and I felt obligated 1 = sometimes or frequently or 0 = rarely or never List three things that would make you willing and able to perform more volunteer care giving in the future.
2 I saw too much suffering in the community   
Religiosity 1 Do not have transport  
3 People who believe in God should volunteer 2 Felt bad about going empty handed  
4 I would be doing the work of God 3 Lacked supplies and kits to do the job  
Social change agent 4 Never receive money for the work  
5 I wanted to change bad behaviours in the community 5 Do not have enough food or money at my own home  
6 Protect the rights of OVC and people with HIV 6 Am sick OVC visitation rate:
Learning opportunity 7 Do not have rain gear Number clients visits last month/
7 I wanted to learn new things 8 People think I keep things provided by the project for myself instead of giving them to clients Total number clients assigned
8 Learn about HIV and how to take care of people   
Empathy, reciprocity   PLHA visitation rate:
9 I empathize with people in the same situation as me Open ended: Thinking about why you first wanted to become a volunteer, how have your expectations been met? Total number clients visited last month/
10 A volunteer helped me and wanted to give back total number clients assigned
Social engagement   
11 Be part of a project Open ended: How have your expectations not been met?  
12 I have friends and family who volunteer   
Material gain, support from the project   
13 I needed assistance from the NGO/project   
14 Receive things, allowances to help in my household   
Employment potential   
15 I thought it may channel me to a paying job   
16 I have no job   
Open ended: If you had to pick just one reason why you wanted to become a volunteer, what would you say it is?   
Economic motivation index
Empirically derived 11-point index reflecting the presence or absence of economic motive in respondent replies (see Table 2)