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Table 2 Economic motivation index (economic motivation indicated by the presence of caregiver or ambiguous interest themes)

From: Motivations for entering and remaining in volunteer service: findings from a mixed-method survey among HIV caregivers in Zambia

Interview sections and questions Index values
Motivations for becoming a volunteer  
  I wanted to become a volunteer…  
1 Because I needed assistance from the NGO/project Agree = 1 Disagree = 0
2 To receive things, allowances to help in my household  
3 Because I thought it may channel me to a paying job  
4 If you had to pick just one reason why you wanted to become a volunteer, what would you say it is? Economic motivation: Cited = 1 Not cited = 0
Experience in service  
5 List three things that prevent you from carrying out your care giving work Economic motivation: Cited = 1Not cited = 0
  I fail to visit my clients because…  
6 I never receive money for the work Sometimes or frequently = 1
7 I do not have enough food or money at my own home Rarely or never = 0
8 Thinking about why you wanted to become a volunteer, how have your expectations been met? Economic motivation:
   Cited = 1
9 How have your expectations not been met? Not cited = 0
Motivations to continue volunteering  
10 List three things that would make you willing and able to perform more volunteer care giving in the future Economic motivation:
   Cited = 1
  Not cited = 0