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From: Costs and cost-effectiveness of community health workers: evidence from a literature review

PubMed Results 16 July 2013 (for January 2003 to April 2013) Results 1 August 2015 (for May 2013 to July 2015)
#1 “community health worker” OR “community health workers” OR “community health workers”[MeSH] 1441 916
#2 “health economics” OR “economics, medical”[MeSH] OR “economic evaluation” OR “health care costs” OR “health resource allocation” OR “health resource utilization” OR costs OR “costs and cost analysis”[MeSH] OR “cost analysis” OR “cost-benefit analysis”[MeSH] OR “cost effectiveness” OR “cost effective” OR “health care costs” OR “cost benefit analysis” OR “cost-benefit analysis”[MeSH] OR costly OR costing OR price OR prices OR expenditure OR “health expenditures”[MeSH] OR “value for money” OR budget OR budgets OR DALYs OR QALYs OR “quality-adjusted life years”[MeSH] 96 561 64 724
#1 AND #2   134 113