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Table 4 Outcome measures

From: Costs and cost-effectiveness of community health workers: evidence from a literature review

Outcomes at the level of health status and well-being
 TB studies Sputum smear results
TB cure rate
Treatment completion rate
Treatment success rate
 Malaria studies Incidence of malaria and anaemia
 MNCH studies Neonatal mortality
Deaths averted
DALYs averted
Incidence of acute PPH and severe PPH cases
Anaemia cases averted
 Other studies Systolic blood pressure
Presence/absence of depression or anxiety
Intermediate outcomes: patient level
 Number of patients registered or who received treatment
 Increased patient enrollment
 Number of patients counselled
 Number of patient visits made
 Number of referrals made
 Proportion of cases appropriately diagnosed and treated
 Number of doses taken by patients
 Weeks of exclusive breastfeeding
 Couple years of protection
Intermediate outcome: health worker level
 Professional health worker time gained