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Table 1 Selected codes and categories emerged while exploring the perspective of health workers and managers on factors influencing working conditions for providing maternal health care services in rural Tanzania

From: Once the government employs you, it forgets you”: Health workers’ and managers’ perspectives on factors influencing working conditions for provision of maternal health care services in a rural district of Tanzania

Selected codes Category
Missing reagents for performing investigations Frustrating working environment
Delivering using phone torch during night
Lacking running water at the facility
Overwhelmed by excessive workload
Lacking supervision and mentorship
Not compensated for working overtime
Committed staff clash with lack of motivation mechanisms
Lack of decent houses prepared for new employed staff Insecure and unsatisfactory living conditions
Fear for security during nights
Anxious over home property during rainy season
Concern over quality of education for staff children
Long process in dealing with staff concerns and claims Bureaucratic and irresponsible system in dealing with health workers’ claims
Lack of transparency in dealing with staff monetary claims
Irresponsible district administrative system
Lacking system to air out their concerns
Lack of forecasting for staff needs Uncertain vision and plan for staff career advancement and continuous profession development
Unavailable fund for capacity building
Budget shutdown for training in service staffs
Unclear staff development plan for low cadre