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Table 5 Rotated component matrix: factors

From: Developing a tool to assess motivation among health service providers working with public health system in India

Factors Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4 Factor 5 Factor 6 Factor 7 Factor 8
Statements/items Clear duties and responsibilities (statement 4)   Physical safety (statement 25) Adequate leaves (statement 12) Pension (statement 10) Supervisor’s support (statement 19) Adequate salary and benefits (statement 9) Growth and development (statement 21)
Exercising authority (statement 1) Significant and meaningful goal (statement 2) Achievement-related promotion (statement 14) Effective team work (statement 16) Job meaningfulness (statement 22) Appreciation for good work (statement 18) Earned respect as a person (statement 23) Control over job decision (statement 5)
Job-related pride and respect (statement 17)   Good working environment (statement 11)      
Interpersonal relationship (statement 24)        
  1. Extraction method: principal component analysis. Rotation method: varimax with Kaiser normalization
  2. Rotation converged in 24 iterations