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Table 1 General surgery residency programs in Ethiopia

From: The surgical workforce shortage and successes in retaining surgical trainees in Ethiopia: a professional survey

Name Region Year established Current number of trainees a Model
Addis Ababa University Addis Ababa 1980 100 University
Gondar University Amhara 2004 23 University
Jimma University Oromia 2008 28 University
Meleke University Tigray 2012 23 University
St. Paul’s Millennium College Addis Ababa 2013 15 University
Hawasa University SNNPR 2014 4 University
Bahir Dar University Amhara 2013 15 University
Soddo Christian Hospital SNNPR 2005 8 Hospital
Total    216  
  1. a Anticipated graduation 2014–2017
  2. SNNPR The Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region
  3. Note: Since 2004, seven new surgical residencies have been established in Ethiopia. However, Addis Ababa University remains the largest program in the country, matriculating 25 residents per year