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Table 4 Supervisory activities performed by participants

From: Factors influencing motivation and job satisfaction among supervisors of community health workers in marginalized communities in South Africa

Activity Description
Administration and record keeping Overall responsibility for the management and administration of area covered and keeping vital statistics related to set indicators
Data collection/collation Collating data on key indicators and measures
Report writing Writing comprehensive reports of all activities occurring under their area of jurisdiction
Stock management Managing stock and ensuring adequate supply of materials is in stock
Resources and supplies management Supplying and monitoring of materials and food for onward distribution
Problem solving/joint problem solving Solving problems that arise from the day-to-day activities of CHWs, sometimes jointly with CHWs
Mentoring CHWs Providing mentoring to CHWs and serving as a role model
Appraisal of CHWs Conducting appraisals and evaluation of CHWS. Recommending CHWs for incentives, awards and promotion
Identifying knowledge and skills gaps Identifying gaps in knowledge and skills in performance of daily duties through observations/questions and report backs
Formal training Training CHWs in formal sessions/workshops
On-the-job training Imparting new skills and knowledge on-the-job
Induction/follow-up training Showing new CHWs the rope and conducting refresher training on-the-job
Training module development Developing modules to address identified gaps in knowledge and skills
Providing assistance and support to CHWs Assisting CHWs with duties and providing support to and filling in for CHWs
Role clarification Clarifying roles to make sure CHWs stays within job description
Feedback Receiving feedback about patients and beneficiaries/other programme activities
Decision-making Making decisions on issues referred by CHWs
Offering advice to management Reporting to management with options for decision-making
Assessment of health of patients Assessing patients referred by CHWs
Assessment of socio-economic status of beneficiaries Assessment of socio-economic status of beneficiaries in order to recommend material and other in-kind support