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Table 8 Items on satisfaction measure

From: Physicians’ job satisfaction and motivation in a public academic hospital

  Statements Score
Autonomy Protocols and clinical guidelines restrict my freedom to practice.
Outside reviewers rarely question my professional judgment. +
Formularies or prescription limits restrict the quality of the care I provide.
I am able to refer patients or receive referrals when necessary. +
Gatekeeping requirements seldom conflict with my clinical judgments. +
Personal time Work rarely encroaches on my personal time. +
Interruption of my personal life by work is a problem.
The number of calls I am required to take is not excessive. +
Relationship with patients I feel a strong personal connection with my patients. +
The gratitude displayed by my patients keeps me going. +
I am overwhelmed by the needs of my patients.
Many patients demand potentially unnecessary treatments.
Time pressures keep me from developing good patient relationships.
Many times, I feel like what I do for my patients is just a drop in the ocean.
Relationship with colleagues My physician colleagues are a good source of professional stimulation. +
I get along well with my physician colleagues. +
My physician colleagues value my perspective in practice. +
My physician colleagues are an important source of professional support. +
It is easy to communicate with physicians with whom I share patients. +
Relationship with staff The nonphysician staff where I work respect my professional judgment. +
My nonphysician colleagues are a source of personal support. +
The nonphysician staff in my practice is not accommodating.
The nonphysicians in my practice reliably carry out clinical instructions. +
Income My salary is fair. +
I am not well compensated given my training and experience.
Job satisfaction I have too much administrative work to do.
Overall, I am pleased with my work. +
My current work situation is a major source of frustration.
My work in this practice has not met my expectations.
Resources Overall, I am satisfied with my current place of work. +
I have sufficient exam room space to see my patients. +
Medical supplies are available when I need them. +
Career satisfaction If I were to choose again, I would not become a physician.
All things considered, I am satisfied with my career as a physician. +
In general, my medical career has met my expectations. +
I would recommend medicine to others as a career. +
I feel rewarded by my performance in the clinic at the moment. +
Specialty satisfaction My specialty no longer has the appeal to me it used to have.
In general, the practice in my specialty has met my expectations. +
If I had to start my career over again, I would choose my current specialty. +
My specialty has not provided more job stability than I used to have.