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Table 1 Summary of clinical and laboratory follow-up for HIV-infected patients on ART

From: An assessment of staffing needs at a HIV clinic in a Western Kenya using the WHO workload indicators of staffing need WISN, 2011

  Week Month
Appointment 0 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 12
Clinical evaluation
TB screening
Adherence check
Hb    Symptom directed
ALT    Symptom directed
Creatinine Symptom directed
Pregnancy test If indicated
Urinalysis Symptom directed
Fasting lipid profile and glucose Annually for patients on PIs
CD4 count   
Viral load   Targeted
  1. Source: National AIDS and STI Control Program N. Guidelines for antiretroviral therapy in Kenya 4th Edition. Nairobi: Ministry of Medical Services [17]
  2. † Specific investigation was required at that visit