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Table 3 Significant logistic regression models for family physicians’ practice location by undergraduate or postgraduate medical school

From: Impact of the rural pipeline in medical education: practice locations of recently graduated family physicians in Ontario

Variables* OR 95% CI p value Nagelkerke R 2 Percentage of cases correctly classified: model with constant, final model
Rural (vs. urban) practice location in Ontario     0.093 87.9, 87.9
 NOSM UG 2.57 1.21–5.44 0.014   
 Age at graduation 1.11 1.04–1.18 0.001   
Northern (vs. southern) Ontario practice location     0.547 87.9, 94.4
 NOSM PG 57.88 18.21–183.98 <0.001   
 UG × PG 3.20 0.73–14.11 0.124   
 Gender 1.89 0.87–4.09 0.106   
  1. *Backwards elimination (conditional method) logistic regression started with gender, age at graduation, UG school (NOSM or not), PG school (NOSM or not), and the UG × PG interaction with probability for elimination set at 0.15 (n = 535). Final models are significant at p < 0.001