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Table 1 Scoring system for maternal knowledge

From: A continuous quality improvement intervention to improve the effectiveness of community health workers providing care to mothers and children: a cluster randomised controlled trial in South Africa

Question Correct answer(s) and coding Max
Q1. When in your pregnancy should you go for your first antenatal visit? Correct answer: As soon as you have missed your period or as soon as you suspect you are pregnant or similar Score = 1 1
Q2. How many antenatal visits should you go for during your pregnancy? Correct answer: four or more Score = 1 1
Q3. What are danger signs you should look out for during your pregnancy? Correct answers: Vaginal bleeding Shortness of breath Severe abdominal pain Fits Headaches Swelling of feet and face Decreased movements of the baby Score = no. of correctly mentioned 7
Q4. What are the danger signs that would make you take a newborn baby urgently to the clinic? Correct answers: Not able to feed well Had a convulsion or fit Shortness of breath High temperature Low temperature Yellow skin and eyes Only moves when stimulated Pus draining from umbilicus Pus draining from eyes Score = no. of correctly mentioned 8
Total knowledge score Mean score of Q1 + Q2 + Q3 + Q4 17