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Table 3 Estimation of variables

From: The gap in human resources to deliver the guaranteed package of prevention and health promotion services at urban and rural primary care facilities in Mexico

e) Density function \( \text{\textit{\textsf{f}}}(\text{\textit{\textsf{x}}})=\frac{1}{\beta^{\alpha}\overline{|(\alpha)}}\ \text{\textit{\textsf{x}}}^{\alpha-1}\text{\textit{\textsf{e}}}^{\text{\textit{\textsf{x}}}/\beta} \)
where x > 0; α and β are positive parameters
x: used and required time function measured in minutes
α: form parameter
β: scale parameter
f(x): gamma function
e: exponential function
h) Sensitivity index: \( S=\frac{1}{1-\alpha } \)
tu = used time
tr = required time