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Table 4 Documents consulted

From: Understanding the factors affecting the attraction and retention of health professionals in rural and remote areas: a mixed-method study in Niger

Documents   Importance
Policy documents
National health policy MSP/LCE, May 2002 Presents the main outlook and the approach of national authorities in the health sector
Health development plan 2005–2010 MSP, Cabinet meeting, 18 February 2005  
Health development plan 2011–2015 MSP, Cabinet meeting, 21 January 2011  
Human resources development plan 2011–2029 MSP, September 2011–2020 Analyzes the human resources situation in health and develops the different strategies and interventions to implement for the period 2011–2029
Health indicators. Presentation PP of DEP at the National Council of Health meeting MSP Presents the monitoring indicators of PDS, region by region
Strategic management plan for human resources in the context of decentralization MSP/SG/DGR/DRH  
Report studies, audits, evaluations
Final organizational and functional audit report of MSP MSP, OMS, CTB/PAI 2015  
Health and poverty in Niger. Towards the MDGs World Bank, March 2004 Contextual setting: the region of Maradi
Study on the motivation to practice in rural areas MSP; SEDES-Sarl, June 2005  
Audit report from DRSP MSP  
Survey on the satisfaction of the needs of beneficiaries of healthcare services MSP, Cabinet Bozari, September 2009  
Legislative and regulatory texts
Text Introduction date   Compensation and targets
 Decree 79-147 20-09-1979   Isolation pay
Health personnel
 Decree 86-124 11.01.1986   Rolling compensation
Surgeon general of a department or wing
 Decree 92-032 17.01.1992   Telephone allowance
Hospital directors and CHD, surgeons, gynecologists, financial officers of national hospitals and maternity wards, hospital administrators, health department directors, medical supervisors, department or wing doctors, family health officers of CHD and CM
 Decree 94-196/PRN/MSP 10.12.1994   Housing allowance
Doctors, pharmacists, dental surgeons (if the officer is not housed)
 Decree 97-141 20.03.1997   Work bonus
Civil servants occupying a position or performing health care in hospital and non-hospital health facilities
 Decree 98-036 23-01-98   Premium suggestion
Risk allowance
Personnel occupying positions in hospital and non-hospital health facilities
 Decree 2006-079/PRN/MSP/LE    
 Decree 2012-61/PRN/MSP/MF/PF/PE/MFP/T/MF 29 February 2012   
 Decree n°2012-500/PRN/MFP/T/MF 05 November 2012   Transportation allowance and housing allowance
Public service premium
Government officials and civil servantsa
 Decree n°2013-053/PRN/MFP/T/MF 13.02.2013   Childcare fees and damages, (civil servant managers occupying hospital and non-hospital positions) bonus incentives to officers (health executives and social workers practising outside of Niamey)
  1. aIn terms of this decree, government officials means, civil servants, public sector contract workers and auxiliary agents of the state. (Article1)