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Table 1 Summary of search results

From: Assessing the health workforce implications of health policy and programming: how a review of grey literature informed the development of a new impact assessment tool

Assessing the impact on Number of positive search resultsa Types of documents located Years in which documents published
Equality 13 Guidance, tool, report 2008–2015
Health 11 Guidance, tool, report 1999–2010
Human rights 8 Guidance, tool, report 2001–2014
General 8 Guidance, report 2001–2015
Employment 6 Guidance, report 2000–2016
Regulation 6 Guidance, tool, report 2003–2016
Agriculture and fisheries 2 Guidance, tool, report 2013
Business continuity 2 Tool Not given
Environment 2 Guidance 1999–2002
Gender 2 Guidance, report 2000–2009
Investment 2 Report 2013
Poverty 2 Guidance, tool 2007
Other 10 Guidance, tool, report 2001–2015
  1. aThis column adds up to 74 rather than 72 because two documents covered more than one of the listed topics: one covered both equality and human rights and one covered both gender and employment