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Table 8 Factor names and summative overview of correlation

From: Human resource for health reform in peri-urban areas: a cross-sectional study of the impact of policy interventions on healthcare workers in Epworth, Zimbabwe

Factor name Question Satisfaction assessment domain Correlation
Healthcare worker welfare, deployment and equipment Q17e Health welfare Safety welfare 0.65
Q17f Deployment of adequate staff and workload 0.72
Q17g Equipment and tool of trade 0.77
Q17i   0.71
Incentives and post-basic training Q17a Financial incentives 0.79
Q17b Non-financial retention incentives 0.75
Q17c Support for post-basic and post-graduate training 0.66
Q17d On the job training and development 0.77
Deployment of volunteers Q17h Deployment of Community Health Volunteers 0.83