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Table 2 A synopsis of an observation checklist used in TAM study

From: Time motion study using mixed methods to assess service delivery by frontline health workers from South India: methods

S.NO Category Sub-category
1. Travel Home to field (to-fro)
Home to facility (to-fro)
Within field
Facility to field (to-fro)
2. Service delivery and counselling Maternal health
Child health
Communicable diseases
Non-communicable diseases
Seasonal diseases/epidemics/outbreaks
Curative care
3. Home visits Health checkups
4. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) activities among groups or at a community level Maternal health
Child health
Family planning
Communicable diseases
Non-communicable diseases
Other health related
Any other
5. Health camps No sub-category
6. School health IEC in schools
Service delivery and counselling
7. Adolescent health Service delivery and counselling
IEC for adolescents
Any other
8. Nutrition and health day (NHD) IEC activity on NHD day
Service delivery
Any other
9. Universal immunisation day Administrative
Service delivery
Any other
10. Paperwork Filling up registers
Computer data entry
Preparing reports
Maintaining beneficiary records
Any other
11. Meetings with co-workers or village community No sub-categories
12. Meetings with seniors
13. Trainings
14. Administrative
15. Personal work Telephonic communication
Non-telephonic communication
Any other
16. Non-health- but work-related activities Related to health department
Related to other departments
External agency related
17. Waiting For patients
For staff
For others
18. Any other  
  1. Each of the categories had further exhaustive list of activities which were to be selected based on field performance; however, time was measured only up till sub-categories