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Table 2 Content of HRM bundles according to Subramony (2009)

From: The effect of human resource management on performance in hospitals in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic literature review

Empowerment-enhancing bundles
Employee involvement in influencing work process/outcomes
Formal grievance procedure and complaint resolution systems
Job enrichment (skill flexibility, job variety, responsibility)
Self-managed or autonomous work groups
Employee participation in decision making
Systems to encourage feedback from employees
Motivation-enhancing bundles
Formal performance appraisal process
Incentive plans (bonuses, profit-sharing, gain-sharing plans)
Linking pay to performance
Opportunities for internal career mobility and promotions
Health care and other employee benefits
Skills-enhancing bundles
Job descriptions/requirements generated through job analysis
Job-based skill training
Recruiting to ensure availability of large applicant pools
Structured and validated tools/procedures for personnel selection