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Table 2 Overview of key informants and participants in focus group discussions

From: ‘We are planning to leave, all of us’—a realist study of mechanisms explaining healthcare employee turnover in rural Ethiopia

Respondent(s) Gender Age Manager/Employee Occupation(s)
FGD 1 4 x M 29.25 (avg) E Nurses
FGD 2 6 x F 26.8 (avg) E 5 nurses, 1 medical doctor
FGD 3 4 x M
2 x F
24.5 (avg) E 3 nurses, 1 medical doctor, 2 laboratory technicians
Key informant 1 M 40 E District’s health office employee for prevention
Key informant 2 M 29 M Head of a governmental health bureau
Key informant 3 M 29 E Employee at the health bureau
Key informant 4 M 42 E Employee at the Semera and Dubti local health offices
Key informant 5 M 27 E Laboratory technician
Key informant 6 M 38 M Project coordinator at an NGO
Key informant 7 M 41 M In-share owner of a private healthcare clinic
Key informant 8 M 32 M In-share owner of a private healthcare clinic