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Table 1 Search terms and inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Community boundary spanners as an addition to the health workforce to reach marginalised people: a scoping review of the literature

Key word Search terms
Boundary spanning (concept) “boundary spann*” OR “boundary cross*” OR “community guide*” OR “community aide” OR “community organi?er*” OR intermediary OR broker OR bridge* OR connector OR “translation agent” OR networker OR promatora OR navigator*
Marginalised (population) Marginali?ed. OR disadvantage* OR “hard to reach”
Health services (context) Hospital* OR “primary care” OR “community health” OR “health organi?ation*” OR “health service*” OR healthcare
Inclusion criteria Article type: research, discussion, review or scoping review
Addressing all three conceptual areas: health; boundary spanning; marginalised population
About boundary spanning between health setting and the community
About use of boundary spanners from the community context not the institutional setting—i.e. from the community or with similar attributes to community being served
Located in high-income countries (added as criteria at stage three)
Exclusion criteria Not in English
Not peer-reviewed
Published before 2007
Outlining a study that had not yet commenced