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Table 2 Summary of dental treatment services that can be provided by the dental practitioner divisions

From: A dental workforce strategy to make Australian public dental services more efficient

Service type DH DT OHT Dentist
Oral surgery 88311 and 88316 only 88311 and 88316 only
Endodontics 88411 and 88414 only 88411 and 88414 only
Restorative services
General services 88911 only 88911 only 88911 only
  1. 88311—extraction of tooth (first tooth extracted on day)
  2. 88316—additional extraction of tooth
  3. 88411—direct pulp capping
  4. 88414—pulpotomy
  5. 88911—palliative care
  6. DH dental hygienist, DT dental therapist, OHT oral health therapist