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Table 1 Descriptive statistics (N = 3426 GP observations)

From: The role of financial factors in the mobility and location choices of General Practitioners in Australia

Variable Mean (standard deviation) Definition
Age 52.51 (10.15) Self-reported year of birth.
Female = 1 0.47 (0.50) Binary gender variable. MABEL survey.
Living with partner = 1 0.88 (0.33) Binary variable. Response to “Are you currently living with a partner or spouse?” MABEL survey.
Number of Dependent children 0.62 (0.33) Count variable. Derived from the reported number of dependent children. MABEL survey.
Australian qualified = 1 MD 0.81 (0.40) Binary variable. Responded they completed their medical degree in Australia. MABEL survey.
Consultation length (min) 16.42 (6.80) Number of minutes the average consultation lasts. MABEL survey
Volume (patients per week) adjusted for number of days worked 110.03 (60.14) Response to “In your most recent USUAL week at work, for around HOW MANY patients did you provide care?” MABEL survey.
Patient complexity 2.77 (1.02) Rank of strongly disagree to strongly agree (5-point scale) with the statement “the majority of my patients have complex health and social problems”.
On-call = 1 0.33 (0.47) Binary variable. Capturing doing after-hours and on-call.
Gross annual earnings (AU$) 184 976 (120592) Self-reported gross earnings. MABEL survey.
GPs per 10 000 persons 17.44 (12.66) The number of GPs in the postal code of the GP’s main practice location as reported by AMPCo [2] divided by the population in that postal code as reported by the ABS.
Practice-owner = 1 0.46 (0.50) Binary variable. Derived from GPs self-reported relationship with practice (Principal/partner; associate; salaried employee; contracted employee)