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Table 1 Title and professional qualification of the heads of the HRH units

From: Analysing public sector institutional capacity for health workforce governance in the South-East Asia region of WHO

No Title of HRH head Professional qualification of head
1 Additional secretary No response
2 Chief human resources officer No response
3 1. Joint secretary
2. Technical advisor
1. Master of Technology
2. Master in Health Policy and Administration
4 No response Dentist/Master of Science
5 Director—head of human resource division (temporary) Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Health Care
6* Director General Expert in Public Health and Medical Education
7* Joint secretary Administration
8 Head Board-certified consultant holding MD (either in Public Health or Medical Administration) Plus PhD in Health HR
9* 1. Director of human resource management division
2. Director of strategy and planning division
No response
10 Not indicated Master of Public Health (MPH)
  1. *Countries reporting not having an HRH unit