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Table 2 Work areas prioritized by HRH unit during year preceding the survey compared to functions assigned to HRH unit

From: Analysing public sector institutional capacity for health workforce governance in the South-East Asia region of WHO

Functions assigned Work areas prioritized
HRH planning Work load assessment; planning/forecasting projections for HRH demand/supply for the country; development of HRH strategic roadmap 2030 or strategic plan; health workforce plan
HRH budgeting and resource mobilization Annual budget
Work conditions, supervision and performance appraisal mechanisms Performance appraisal system; inspection trips and audit visits
Basic HRH data (stock, distribution) Development of HRH registry; implement of human resources database
Health labour market data Fulfillment of health human resources needs in remote areas, borders and outer islands; recruitment and retention; nursing and midwifery field
Regulation, accreditation, certification Focus on unregulated professionals (excluding frontline health workers)
Continuous professional education Training and development/training requirements/in-service training scholarship
Capacity building on HRH Capacity building of staff