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Table 1 The definition of key variables included in this study

From: Upscaling the pharmacy profession in Lebanon: workforce distribution and key improvement opportunities

Variable Definition
The annual total number of pharmacists The total number of pharmacists that are newly registered or had a continued registration with OPL at the end of a registration year
Gender Total number of females and males in the registration database
Age of pharmacists The age of the registered pharmacist derived from their date of birth
Workforce status Active: A pharmacist registered with the OPL who reported actively working as a pharmacist in Lebanon in the last cycle of registration renewal.
Unemployed: A pharmacist registered with the OPL who reported unemployment in the last cycle of registration renewal
Working outside the country: A pharmacist registered with the OPL who reporting working outside Lebanon in the most recent cycle of registration renewal.
Work governorate The Governorate where the Pharmacist works (Beirut, Mount Lebanon, North Lebanon, South Lebanon, Beqaa, and Nabatieh)
Sector of employment Grouped into the following categories:
Community: Pharmacist providing service in community pharmacies as employers or owners
Hospital: Pharmacist employed in hospitals as hospital or clinical pharmacists (whether in the pharmacy department or at the floor)
Pharmaceutical sector: Pharmacists employed in the pharmaceutical companies in sales, marketing, policy, research or development positions
Academic sector: Pharmacist employed in academic institutions
Others: Pharmacists working in any other sector
Graduation university location Divided into the following: Local (completed the pharmacy degree in Lebanon) versus Overseas (completed the pharmacy degree outside Lebanon)
Employment position The job position reported upon registration (for new registrants) or during the most recent renewal of registration process (for previously registered pharmacists)