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Table 1 The list of medical diaspora organizations

From: Medical diaspora: an underused entity in low- and middle-income countries’ health system development

Medical diaspora organizations (in alphabetical order) URL site
1. Academy of Persian American Physicians
2. Afghan Medical Association of America
3. Afghan Medical Professionals Association of America
4. Albanian American Medical Society, Inc.
5. American Association of Cardiologists of Indian Origin
6. American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
7. American Board Certified Doctors for Egypt
8. American Lebanese Medical Association
9. American Nepal Medical Foundation
10. American Society of Indian Plastic Surgeons
11. American Ukrainian Medical Foundation
12. Argentine-American Medical Society
13. Armenian American Medical Society
14. Armenian Medical Society of Great Britain
15. Association of Afghan Healthcare Professionals UK
16. Association of Chinese American Physicians
17. Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad
18. Association of Kerala Medical Graduates
19. Association of Nepali Physicians in America
20. Association of Nigerian Physicians in the Americas
21. Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the UK
22. Association of Philippine Physicians in America* Although this representative organization has no website, there are a number of its chapters in each state.
23. Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America
24. Australia Myanmar Medical Association
25. Bangladesh Medical Association of North America
26. Bangladesh Medical Association UK
27. Bolivian American Medical Society
28. British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin
29. British Iranian Medical Association
30. British Islamic Medical Association (for Sudanese descent)
31. Burmese American Medical Association
32. Burmese Doctors and Dentists Association UK
33. Burmese Medical Association Australia
34. Burmese Medical Association of North America
35. Cambodian Health Professionals Association of America
36. Cameroon Doctors UK
37. Canadian Association of Nigerian Physicians and Dentists
38. Chinese American Medical Society
39. Chinese American Physicians Society
40. Dominican Medical Association
41. Egyptian American Medical Association
42. Egyptian American Medical Society
43. Egyptian Association for American Medical Training and Research
44. Egyptian Medical Society UK
45. Ethiopian North American Health Professionals Association
46. Ghana Physicians and Surgeons Foundation
47. Ghanaian Doctors & Dentists Association
48. Iranian American Medical Association
49. Iranian Medical Society
50. Iranian Medical Society UK
51. Iranian-American Medical Society of Greater Washington (Iranian Medical & Dental Society of the Greater Wash-Balt Metro Area)
52. Iraqi Medical Association UK
53. Iraqi Medical Sciences Association USA
54. Medical Associations of Nigerians Across Great Britain
55. Myanmar American Medical Education Society
56. Nepalese Doctors Association
57. Nicaraguan American Medical Association
58. Nigeria American Medical Foundation International
59. North American Taiwanese Medical Association
60. Northern Indian Medical & Dental Association of Canada
61. Organization of Sierra Leonean Healthcare Professionals Abroad
62. Pakistan Medical Association UK
63. People To People (Ethiopia)
64. Peruvian American Medical Society
65. Philippine Medical Association in America* Although this representative organization has no website, there are a number of its chapters in each state.
66. Rajasthan Medical Alumni Association
67. Romanian Medical Association of America
68. Romanian Medical Society UK
69. Russian American Medical Association
70. Serbian American Medical and Dental Society
71. Serbian American Medical Association
72. Society of Philippine Surgeons in America
73. South Australian Sri Lankan Doctors Association
74. Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America* Although this representative organization has no website, there are a number of its chapters in each state.
75. Sri Lankan Medical and Dental Association of the UK
76. Sudanese American Medical Association
77. Sudanese Junior Doctors Association UK
78. Sudanese Medical Association UK and Ireland
79. Syrian American Medical Society Foundation
80. Syrian British Medical Society
81. Tanzania UK Healthcare Diaspora Association
82. Thai Physicians Association of America
83. Ukrainian Medical Association of North America
84. Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK
85. United States Colombian Medical Association
86. University of Santo Tomas Medical Alumni Association in America (Philippine)
87. Venezuelan American Medical Association
88. Vietnamese American Medical Association
89. Vietnamese Physicians Association* Although this representative organization has no website, there are a number of its chapters in each state.