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Table 2 Table of country diaspora offices within the respective Ministry of Foreign Affairs

From: Medical diaspora: an underused entity in low- and middle-income countries’ health system development

Country Engagement office Website Year established
Afghanistan    Not available
Albania Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diaspora Department   Not available
Algeria Ministry of National Solidarity, Family and the National Community Abroad   Not available
American Samoa    Not available
Angola Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Institute of the Angolan Communities Abroad and Consulate Affairs Not available
Armenia Ministry of Diaspora   Not available
Azerbaijan State Committee on Affairs of the Diaspora 2002
Bangladesh Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment (MEWOE) 2001
Benin Ministry for Foreign Affairs, African Integration, the Francophone Community, and Beninese Abroad Not available Not available
Bhutan    Not available
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)    Not available
Bosnia Herzegovina Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees: Department of Diaspora Not available
Botswana    Not available
Brazil Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretary General for Brazilian Communities Abroad Not available
Bulgaria State Agency for Bulgarians Abroad 2000
Burkina Faso Ministere Des Affaires Etrangres Et De La Cooperation Regionale 2007
Burundi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Diaspora Not available Not available
Cambodia   Not available Not available
Cameroon Not available Not available Not available
Cape Verde Not available Not available Not available
Central African Republic Not available Not available Not available
Chad Not available Not available Not available
China State Council, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council; Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee
The Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (SOCAO) of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government 1978, renamed 1980
Colombia Colombia Nos Une, a program of the Bureau of Consular Affairs and Colombian Communities Abroad in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Not available
Comoros Ministry of External Relations and Cooperation of the Diaspora   Not available
Congo, Dem. Rep. of    Not available
Congo, Rep. of    Not available
Costa Rica    Not available
Cote D’Ivoire    Not available
Cuba    Not available
Djibouti    Not available
Dominica Ministry of Trade, Industry, Consumer, Diaspora Affairs Not available
Dominican Republic National Presidential Council for Dominican Communities Abroad   Not available
Ecuador    Not available
Egypt Ministry of Manpower and Emigration, Emigration Sector
Higher Committee on Migration
  Not available
El Salvador Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vice Ministry for Salvadorans Abroad
National Secretariat for Migrants (various states) 2004
Eritrea Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Eritreans Abroad Late 1990’s
Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Diaspora Affairs Directorate General; Ministry of Capacity Building, Diaspora Coordinating Office 2002
Fiji    Not available
Gabon    Not available
The Gambia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation & Gambians Abroad Not available
Georgia State Ministry for Diaspora Issues 2008
Ghana Ministry of Interior, National Migration Unit 2003
Grenada Office of Diaspora Affairs, division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2009
Guatemala National Council for Migrants from Guatemala   Not available
Guinea Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Guineans Abroad No website but phone number was found: Phone +224 30 45 12 70 Not available
Guinea-Bissau    Not available
Guyana Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diaspora Unit Not available
Haiti Ministry of Haitians Living Abroad 1995
India Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
Government of Kerala, Department of Non-Resident Keralites’ Affairs; Government of Gujarat, Non-Resident Indian Division 2004
Indonesia Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration 1983
Iraq Ministry of Migration and Displaced   
Jamaica Diaspora and Consular Affairs Office 1993
Jordan Department of Consular Affairs and Expatriates Not available
Kenya Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Diaspora Affairs Directorate i.e. International Jobs and Diaspora Office (Directorate) 2007
Kiribati    Not available
Korea, Dem. Rep. of    Not available
Kosovo “Services for Citizens” Ministry of Foreign Affairs,151 Not available
Kyrgyz Republic    Not available
Lao PDR    Not available
Lebanon Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants   Not available
Lesotho Association: Diaspora Alliance Not available
Liberia Ministry of states with no portfolio
Libya    Not available
Macedonia, FYR Agency for Emigration   Not available
Madagascar Ministère des Affaires Etrangères- “Diaspora and Economic Development” Not available
Malawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs—Diaspora Services Not available
Malaysia, Marshall Islands    Not available
Maldives    Not available
Mali Ministry of Malians Abroad and African Integration
Consultation Framework on Migration
High Council of Malians Abroad 2002
Mauritania    Not available
Mauritius    Not available
Mexico Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, Sub-secretariat for North America; Institute for Mexicans Abroad
National Council on Mexican Communities Abroad
National Coordination for State-level Migrant Affairs Offices (various states)
Consultative Council of the Institute for Mexicans Abroad 2002
Micronesia, Federated States of    Not available
Moldova Bureau of Inter-Ethnic Relations has a Diaspora branch
Mongolia    Not available
Montenegro    Not available
Morocco Ministry Charged with the Moroccan Community Residing Abroad
Interdepartmental Committees
Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans Resident Abroad
Council on the Moroccan Community Abroad
  Not available
Mozambique Institute for Mozambican Communities Living Abroad (INACE) -a department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2014
Myanmar    Not available
Namibia    Not available
Nepal    Not available
Nicaragua    Not available
Niger Ministry of African Integration and Nigerians Abroad
Committee in Charge of Migration Not available
Nigeria Technical Working Group and Interministerial Committee on Migration 2002
Pakistan Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis Not available
Papua New Guinea    Not available
Paraguay    Not available
Peru Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Undersecretary for Peruvians Abroad
Advisory Council 2003
Philippines Philippines Department of Labor, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration; Department of Labor, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration; Department of Foreign Affairs, Office of the Undersecretary for Migrant Workers’ AffairsOffice of the President, Commission on Filipinos Overseas; Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs
Romania Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department for Relations with the Romanians Abroad Not available
Russian Federation    Not available
Rwanda Department on diaspora engagement within the Ministry of External Relations and Internal Cooperation (MINAFFET), Diaspora General Directorate (DGD)
Rwandan Community Abroad (RCA) 2008
Samoa    Not available
Sao Tome and Principe    Not available
Senegal Ministry of Senegalese Abroad 2003
Serbia Ministry of Religion and Diaspora  
Sierra Leone Office of the President, Office of the Diaspora 2007
Solomon Islands    Not available
Somalia Ministry for Diaspora and Community Affairs
Office for Development and Partnership with the Puntland Diaspora Community
South Africa Department of International Relations and Cooperation Not available
South Sudan Diaspora Engagement Steering Committee for South Sudan 2013
Sri Lanka Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare 2010
St. Lucia    Not available
St. Vincent and the Grenadines    Not available
Sudan    Not available
Suriname    Not available
Swaziland    Not available
Syrian Arab Republic Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates 2011
Tajikistan    Not available
Tanzania Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: task force of stakeholders, which involves members from his ministry, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Planning Commission, Public Service Management and National Statistics Bureau, which will be in charge of monitoring and coordinating engagement Diaspora Not available
Thailand    Not available
Timor-Leste    Not available
Togo No apparent dept, but entire section of website dedicated to Togolese diaspora affairs Not available
Tonga    Not available
Tunisia Ministry of Social Affairs, Solidarity, and Tunisians Abroad   Not available
Turkey    Not available
Turkmenistan    Not available
Tuvalu    Not available
Uganda Diaspora office in the ministry of foreign affairs 2007
Ukraine    Not available
Uzbekistan    Not available
Vanuatu    Not available
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of    Not available
Vietnam The Committee on overseas Vietnamese affairs, under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2004
West Bank and Gaza    Not available
Yemen    Not available
Zambia Office within Ministry of foreign affairs** Not available
Zimbabwe    Not available
  Total: 68