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Table 1 COST-Africa pairs of selected hospitals (MH mission/faith-based hospital, DH government-owned district hospital), duration of the intervention period and number of trainees

From: The contribution of non-physician clinicians to the provision of surgery in rural Zambia—a randomised controlled trial

Intervention Control Province Intervention duration
St. Margaret MH Lubwe MH Luapula 22
Maamba DH* Zimba MH Southern 20
Mtendere MH Mazabuka DH** Southern 20
Choma DH** Itezhi-Tezhi DH Southern/Central 24
Mwinilunga DH Chavuma MH North Western 17
Serenje DH Liteta DH Central 12
Kalene MH Kabompo DH North Western 9
Siavonga DH Sesheke DH Southern/Western 8
  1. *DLH which received two MLs
  2. **Now (2019) general hospitals