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Table 6 Critical success factors for Lean initiation in hospitals

From: Critical success factors for the successful initiation of Lean in public hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal: a factor analysis and structural equation modelling study

Critical success factors Elements (taken from test items)
Strategic leadership and organisational attitude
L1: Leadership at all levels in the organisation must drive, live, and demonstrate Lean behaviour.
A2: An organisation implementing Lean must face and embrace the various attitudinal aspects of Lean.
S1: Lean philosophy and principles must be reflected in the organisation’s business strategy.
L2: Lean leadership leads to Lean thinking.
S3: Lean implementation must be driven as a high priority strategic business initiative.
L4: The difference between Lean success and failure starts with leadership.
A1: The mindset and attitude or behaviour of people is fundamental to Lean success.
S2: There must be a clear link between the organisation goals, key objectives, and Lean activities.
Integration of Lean elements, tools, and techniques
I4: The organisation must use all the goals, methods, techniques, and foundation elements of Lean in combination
T4: The application of Lean tools and techniques will ensure Lean success.
Basic stability in operational processes
T3: It is important to understand the organisation’s processes and only apply the Lean tools and techniques applicable to that specific process type.
B4: Stability in operating systems is a pre-requisite for Lean transformation.