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Table 5 Recommendations for a low-intensity approach to selection process development

From: Case study of a method of development of a selection process for community health workers in sub-Saharan Africa

The following activities should be included if possible:
A brainstorming exercise with multiple stakeholders (including CHWs) to identify which KSAs to include in the blueprint and determine an operational selection process design (which includes community involvement) that is both acceptable and feasible;
Adhering to the recommendations on selection in recent guidelines [22, 23], for example not using age or marital status as selection criteria;
A search for existing questions/material to include followed by review to ensure suitability in the local context and development of material to fill any gaps in the blueprint;
Qualitative testing with a small group of CHWs (N = 5–10) to check the interpretation of question wording is as intended, plus separate piloting with a further group of CHWs (N = 10–20) to quantitatively check that questions are of an appropriate difficulty prior to roll-out (i.e. that not all CHWs get the question incorrect);
Training of interviewers; and
A plan for early evaluation using the criteria of validity, reliability, fairness, acceptability and feasibility.