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Table 2 Final analysis groups and composition

From: Implementation of an older person’s nurse practitioner in rural aged care in Victoria, Australia: a qualitative study

Site or group Description Total participant number by site
Site 1 Health service focus group
Director of clinical services
Quality and risk manager
Medical clinic staff focus group
Site 2 RACF focus group
RACF clinical care coordinators × 2
Registered nurse RACF
Team leader RACF
Site 3 Registered nurse RACF × 2
Enrolled nurse × 2
RACF manager
RACF focus group
GP group GPs × 4
GP focus group sites 2 and 3
Site 4 Registered nurse health service × 2
Director of clinical services
Registered nurse medical clinic
Site 5 RACF focus group × 2
RACF clinical care coordinators × 2
Director of RACF
RACF manager
Health service manager
Health service director of clinical services