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Table 10 Means (SD) for quality of healthcare (QH) items

From: Status of healthcare workers after comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals in Beijing, China: sustainable supply, psychological perception, and work outcomes

Variable Item Mean SD
Quality of healthcare (1–13) QH1. Perform surgeries. 3.53 1.10
QH2. Assess diagnostic information. 3.88 0.83
QH3. Make correct diagnoses. 3.92 0.80
QH4. Select appropriate treatments. 3.91 0.87
QH5. Maintain medical records. 4.00 0.82
QH6. Inform patients about rationale for treatment. 4.00 0.85
QH7. Consider psychosocial aspects of illness. 3.96 0.84
QH8. Manage health care resources efficiently. 3.99 0.82
QH9. Evaluate medical literature to optimize clinical decision-making. 3.90 0.89
QH10. Participate in implementation of quality improvement programs. 3.85 0.84
QH11. Show empathy for patients and their relatives. 4.03 0.81
QH12. Involve patients in decision-making. 3.88 0.82
QH13. Consider advance health care directives. 4.01 0.79