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Table 4 Means (SD) for challenge stress (CS) and hindrance stress (HS) items

From: Status of healthcare workers after comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals in Beijing, China: sustainable supply, psychological perception, and work outcomes

Variable Item Mean SD
Challenge stress (1–6) CS1.The number of projects and or assignments I have. 3.37 0.85
CS2. The amount of time I spend at work. 3.45 0.86
CS3. The volume of work that must be accomplished in the allotted time. 3.41 0.86
CS4. Time pressures I experience. 3.39 0.85
CS5. The amount of responsibility I have. 3.46 0.89
CS6. The scope of responsibility my position entails. 3.39 0.87
Hindrance stress (1–5) HS1. The degree to which politics rather than performance affects organizational decisions. 2.68 1.14
HS2. The inability to clearly understand what is expected of me on the job. 2.43 1.12
HS3. The amount of red tape I need to go through to get my job done. 3.09 1.01
HS4. The lack of job security I have. 2.91 1.12
HS5. The degree to which my career seems stalled. 2.94 1.10