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Table 5 Means (SD) for public service motivation (PSM) items

From: Status of healthcare workers after comprehensive reform of urban public hospitals in Beijing, China: sustainable supply, psychological perception, and work outcomes

Variable Item Mean SD
Public service motivation (1–5) PSM1. Meaningful public service is very important to me. 4.07 0.80
PSM2. I am often reminded by daily events about how dependent we are on one another. 3.96 0.88
PSM3. Making a difference in society means more to me than personal achievements. 3.89 0.93
PSM4. I am prepared to make sacrifices for the good of society. 3.67 1.05
PSM5. I am not afraid to go to bat for the rights of others, even if it means I will be ridiculed. 3.68 1.04