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Table 3 Binary logistic regression showing factors associated with worrying about work place bullying

From: Workplace bullying and its impact on the quality of healthcare and patient safety

 Worry about work place bullying (PMS>50)
 Female vs. Male [ref]0.25(0.23)0.1301.4[0.9-2.2]
Age group
 <30 vs. ≥30 [ref]0.29(0.25)0.2271.3[0.8-2.2]
Marital status
 Single vs. Married [ref]0.25(0.19)0.1751.3[0.9-1.9]
Education level
 Higher vs. Lower [ref]0.51(0.24)0.034*1.7[1.1-2.7]
Work experience
 <10 vs. ≥10 [ref]0.46(0.19)0.017*1.6[1.1-2.3]
 Nurses/allied health vs. Physicians/pharmacists [ref]0.19(0.25)0.4251.2[0.8-2.0]
Previous training
 No vs. Yes [ref]0.54(0.24)0.026*1.7[1.1-2.8]
Previous exposure to incident
 Yes vs. No [ref]0.79(0.17)<0.001*2.2[1.6-3.1]
  1. Adj: adjusted; OR: odds ratio; B: Beta coefficient; SE: standard error; P: P-value; *: statistically significant at <0.05; CI: confidence interval; %: percentage; [ref]: reference group