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Table 2 Search terms and strategy

From: Pre- and in-service training of health care workers on immunization data management in LMICs: a scoping review

DatabasesSearch terms
Search #6Search (#4 AND #5)
Search #5Search (Low income country OR low-income countries OR middle - income countries OR LMICs OR “developing countries” OR “low income countries” OR Asia OR Africa OR “Latin America”)
Search #4Search (#1 AND #2 AND #3)
Search #3Search (immunization[mh] OR immunisation[tiab] OR immunization[tiab] OR vaccination[tiab] OR vaccination)
Search #2Search ((training OR pre-service training OR pre-service training[tiab] OR in-service training[tiab] OR inservice training[mh] OR healthcare professional development OR health staff development OR health staff development[tiab] OR continuing medical education OR health worker competence OR health worker performance OR Health personnel education OR Healthcare personnel training OR data management competencies)
Search #1Search (healthcare workers OR healthcare providers OR healthcare professionals OR healthcare staff OR healthcare practitioners OR health workers OR health providers OR health professionals OR health staff OR health practitioners OR health-care workers OR health-care providers OR health-care professionals OR health-care staff OR health-care practitioners OR Staff development OR Staff development[tiab])