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Table 1 Study instrument and internal consistency of the subscales after conducting exploratory factor analysis and deleting items

From: Why do graduates choose to work in a less attractive specialty? A cross-sectional study on the role of personal values and expectations

 SubscalesExample itemCronbach’s α
Demographic information (part A, 9 items)Personal information
Current working place
Time of making decision
Gender, marital status, number of children…
Place of work, level of organization
Time of making decision of specialty choice
Job choice and staying in preventive medicine (PM) (part B, 4 items)Choosing PM jobI accepted this job because it relates the most to PM..67
Continuing in PMI wish to work in the PM field if I have the opportunity.NA
Motivational factors (part C, 35 items)Happy with job and working conditionsI am satisfied with my job in terms of working conditions..85
Happy with managerMy manager always stands behind the workers..94
Happy with colleaguesI am satisfied with the people I speak and work with..93
Happy with promotionI am satisfied with the opportunity of being promoted at this job..87
Happy with payMy salary is good when it is compared with the wage of other physicians who work at similar positions in other specialties..91
Happy with rewardI feel respected and supported while working with people in the community..72
Happy with continued educationMy opportunities for continued education are appropriate when compared to physicians who work in other specialties..90
Multiple roles in life (part D, 28 items)Child roleI tried to find a job with which I can afford to support my parents and family in my hometown..62
Parental roleI tried to find a job which allowed me to have time to take care of my children..60
Marital roleI tried to find a job which allowed me to have time for my spouse..76
Worker roleI tried to find a job that was interesting and exciting to me..74
Homecare roleI tried to find a job which allowed me to have time to manage and care for my home..72
Citizen roleI tried to find a job in which I can contribute to the community where I originate from..58
  1. Note: On the parental and marital role subscales, participants who were not married or had no children indicated “Not applicable” for all items, which caused missing values when calculating the mean score of the subscales. To prevent violations of the reliability of a regression model cause by a small sample size, we did not use these two subscales in further analyses but two equivalent variables: number of children (1 = no child, 2 = have one child, 3 = have two children, 4 = have more than two children) and marriage status (1 = single, 2 = married/have a partner)